The Writing of “Beautiful Mom” by N. West Moss

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N. West Moss wrote an intriguing short story called “Beautiful Mom” for our 2014 issue (pages 83-88). Here she discusses the writing process for this piece.

This was one of the first stories I wrote during graduate school a few years ago. The seed for the piece came because my mother and one of my brothers were both breathtakingly gorgeous.  As a kid, I didn’t notice it.  I assume everyone thinks his mother is beautiful and all siblings are just annoyances or playmates.  But I was aware of their beauty because of how other people reacted to them. My girlfriends, even in 1st and 2nd grade would be struck dumb when my brother, 6 foot 4 and Nordic-blond, walked into the room. He had a tangible effect on people, as did my mother. She wasn’t pretty, she was beautiful, and I knew this because, when she was around, I felt my stock…

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