Salon republishes “The Lifted Corner” asked to republish this piece called “The Lifted Corner”. It’s considered an essay, but an essay has a different feel to it than this, in my opinion. Many of you have already read it, and while it is, on one level, about miscarriage, it is really about the quiet inside of a compatible marriage. I know that all sorts of things can break up marriages. But when a relationship is working, it seems like it can not only withstand setbacks, but can be strengthened by them, corny though that sounds.

I am so happy that Salon asked to republish the piece so that it has an extended life.


3 thoughts on “Salon republishes “The Lifted Corner”

  1. I don’t know what new to say — I’ve already said it all to you. You’re a tender, powerful writer and your novel will be tender, powerful, and wonderful. You can’t help it.
    Every cycle such as yours is different, but I lost two in a row too. My second husband, I think, just wanted to prove he was fertile. I say that because he didn’t seem disappointed when the two miscarriages happened. It was all about him. So losses can strengthen, and they can point out the frays in the fabric.
    I’ve never met Craig, but I love him. I wish I could write as sweet a piece about my own Terry who also awakens every time I get up, even in the middle of the night. Not so many people find this sweetness in their lives. At least after two bad marriages I can say that at long last I did, and I hold your hand in solidarity.

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    • Oh Ann what a lovely comment. Yes, these tests either strengthen or point out the frays, as you say. And sweetness, well I didn’t even know to look for it until I was older, didn’t know kindness could be aphrodisiac until I had waded through some rotten relationships myself.


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