They say that good things come out of everything, and certainly we writers mine our lives for material all the time. This humor piece came when I began, for the first time in my life, to write poetry as my hysterectomy surgery neared.

This piece started off serious and poetic, but I kept making myself laugh, and there’s nothing better than that, other than making OTHER people laugh. I then sent it to McSweeney’s, a place I’ve always felt was THE place to get published – cool and aloof. Plus they always took like 6 months to reject my work, and that seemed impressive.

I heard back in 4 days that this “was a keeper”, and so in a difficult time, I give you the humor.




3 thoughts on “McSweeney’s!!!

  1. Oh, West, you are too fabulous. So wonderfully, smartly and importantly irreverent. A great piece. I laughed out loud alone at my computer, dogs, husband asleep upstairs, son gone off to work, granddaughter gone off to school.

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  2. Well done.

    This medical stuff is so absurd. When I was going through the second opinon for my kidney cancer surgery a doctor pointed out to me that I had a “beauty mark” on my liver. Good to finally answer the question about whether beauty is skin deep or not.

    Good to see you are on the mend again!



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