The Galleys are in


The galleys for my forthcoming book (The Subway Stops at Bryant Park) came in the mail this week. What a thrill. The book comes out officially in May, but now is when we begin to try to create a buzz for the book. I’m sending galleys to something called “long lead” publishers – those publishers who need a long lead time in order to publish a review. So I’m sending them out with personal letters to places like The New York Times Book Review (a girl can dream), as well as venues that might want to sell the book, or places where I might do a reading (libraries, bookstores, cafes, etc.) If you know of any that I should be contacting, say the word.


2 thoughts on “The Galleys are in

  1. I have already gone on Amazon and pre-ordered your book. I have also gotten my friend Linda Munn (she took you to lunch when you drove me to the hospital) and my twin sister and my older brother to pre-order also.


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  2. Hey! Steve that’s so great! Thank you! I heard today from my publisher that pre-orders do help to sell the book, and she encouraged people to pre-order also from their local bookstores. Apparently the distributers look at that kind of thing and a store with a pre-order or two, is likely to buy a few more copies when the distributor comes around. You are such a great support, and I can’t thank you (and Linda and your twin sister) for the support! ❤


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