from Leapfrog

For those of you who are following how a small press releases a short story collection, here is what Leapfrog Press has just posted on their blog about the upcoming launch. Leapfrog is a small publisher with an enormous heart. They have been honorable and hard-working every step of the way, and I hope the book does well as much for them as for me.

Click here to read their blog post.


4 thoughts on “from Leapfrog

    • I agree. It should be great fun, and I suspect it’s a good thing that I don’t care how many books I sell. It makes the readings fun in and of themselves. Such joy.


  1. I am in NYC this weekend and will make pilgrimage to Bryant Park to eat a Reuben and drink a chocolate cream soda. Your friend, GS

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    • Oh! I wish I could join you! I’m teaching at a writing conference here in NJ, but it seems like such an opportunity to meet finally, and after all of your help and support. Have a wonderful time. The hyacinth and daffodils should be in wild profusion this weekend.


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