Kirkus reviews my book


Well this is a thrill. Kirkus Reviews wrote a lovely review of my forthcoming book. It’s a bit of an out-of-body-experience to read the nice things a complete stranger has to say about my stories. They were so private when I wrote them, and now they are out in the world. The book doesn’t come out until May, so this is a trade review for bookstores and people who want to pre-order the book. This is certainly a lovely way to begin this book’s life in the world. 


The Absence of Sound

2016-03-03 09.07.55.jpgNeworld Review has published “The Absence of Sound,” a story from my upcoming collection. It’s set in the library stacks that lie beneath Bryant Park, and the protagonist, Timothy, is a librarian at the New York Public Library.

This story started with a vision of the main character, a surprised-looking introvert, and it unfolded from there. When I sit in Bryant Park with my mother, we often watch people throw money in the fountain there, so I wove that in as well. Here’s the link:  The Absence of Sound in the Neworld Review